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Tongcheng has been complying with its promise to environment, safety and soical responsibility. In our operation, we adopt the most advanced energy conservation and environment-friendly technology and carry out strict control over the-three waste emissions (waste water, waste gas and waste residue). To realize the safe prodution, all the standard procedures are strictly applied to protect the life of our employees.
Tongcheng strictly conform to the laws and regulations related to environmental protection. In order to lower the discharge level of waste water, Tongcheng has set up a rule to connect the payment to each workshop with their discharge level which was considered the most cost-effective solution to encourage each employee caring for environment.
Through the emission reduction, one side it favours environment protection; on the other side, it also bring tremendous economical benefit- sewage charges were saved to reduce the unit consumption of raw materials. This is a very effective method we have acquired through long time practice and experience.

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